Weave of Motherhood


Motherhood is the most important, yet unacknowledged psychological shift in a woman’s identity. Mothers are left to cope with the huge changes in their life without the necessary supportive context for their new emotions, thoughts, or daily experience.

Through this group you have the opportunity to take a step back, regroup, and re-emerge with new capacities for love and self-awareness. Through connection, introspection and creative expression you can strengthen and elicit respect for and a deeper understanding of your work of motherhood.

This group will use discussion, media, and expressive art, such as clay, weaving and journaling. No artistic ability or experience necessary!

Quotes from previous Creating the Weave of Motherhood attendees:

“I joined a weaving group two months after my second child was born. I brought my little one and we all got to see him grow. I laughed, cried, and truly got to know the core of the woman in the group. It gave me a deeper understanding of myself and the life changing experience of motherhood.” —V.G.

“Spending time with other mothers, having an opportunity to explore various artistic mediums, and thinking about my role as a mother and woman made The Weave of Motherhood a wonderful experience for me. I grew closer to these other mothers in my community, which helped me feel renewed and supported.” —A.B.

“The Weave of Motherhood came at a perfect time for me. I was feeling lost….I was overwhelmed with being a mother, a wife, a professional women in the workforce. This group brought together amazing women and allowed us all to ‘put it all out there’. I laughed and cried… A lot! Most of all, I gained a strength that was fed by these beautiful mamas that enabled me to dig deep and find my true self again!”—M.K.

“The Weave of Motherhood gave me some space to think about who I am as a person and a mother. It allowed me to step back and connect with myself in ways that feel impossible sometimes as the mother of two small children. I was so grateful for the discussions, the art and especially the other women who shared the circle with me.”—J.S.

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