BCC Play Guidelines

At the Bloomington Center for Connection, we love to play. Play helps us connect with each other and with our inner joy. Play brings us together. With the help of some of our more regular players, we’ve come up with guidelines for playing here. This is a living document and will continue to grow and adapt as we do.

Play brings us together.


We do a lot of creative play.

This is a place where:

  • We assume everyone is doing the best they can at that moment.
  • We help make this space safe for everybody to be themselves.
  • Connection trumps individual achievement.
  • We remember that it’s about playing in community, not winning and losing.
  • We ask ourselves if what we’re doing connects people or tears them apart. Are we building bridges or barriers?
  • We stop/pause the play to address disconnection.
  • We are for our relationships.
  • We work together to care for our shared space.
  • We check in with others.
  • We check in with others while playing games
    • Is it still fun?
    • Will it still be fun if you lose?
    • What are the other players’ experiences?